Gallery of Mo 2011
twentysix's Movember Team website for 2011
In 2010 we created Mo's Wanted as a Movember Team website. The site got thousands of visits throughout the month, but we realised that the only people to donate were friends and family of the Movember team members.

I wanted to create a site that would encourage donations from people we didn't know, but also help spread the word of Movember. I came up with the idea "Gallery of Mo". Every person who donated to our Movember Team would receive a free Portrait which will have the addition of a Moustache.

Myself and Adam Hodgson designed and created the website in less than a week, in our own time to ensure the website was up and running for the launch of Movember.

In addition to getting a portrait done by our internal team (Myself, Luke Cocker and Nik Cann) a donator also had the option of picking a portrait done by one of guest or feature artists. I contacted a number of well known artists (McBess, Stan Chow, David Despau, Pat Perry along with many more) who offered to donate their time to illustrate portraits of people who donated over a certain amount.

In just over a month we managed to raised over £5000 and had over 180 portrait requests and 52,000 page views.
Goodness Award - Digitally Leeds
Winner - Contagious Magazines Movember competition
Digital Award - Yorkshire Cream Awards
Chairmans Award - Yorkshire Cream Awards
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