Wella - Style Vision App


Whilst at Twentysix I had the fun job of working on an app called "Style Vision". The app was designed for hairdressers and their clients during the consultation process. 
The purpose of the app was to allow Client to ensure their Hairdresser knew exactly what they wanted. A short bob in the clients eyes, might be totally different to what the Hairdresser would do. The app would make sure bother were on the same page and their was no unhappy client at the end.
We designed a simple user journey which could be done either while the client was on their own in the waiting room, or with the Hairdresser. The app allowed the user to go through moodboards of different hair styles and colours letting them create their own moodboards with their desired end look. 
Depending on the styles and colours they picked, the client would also get recommended styling products and care products required to maintain their desired look. 
Style moodboard where the user is able to filter styles down
Selecting an image would provide the user with style information
The ability to cross sell products and services depending on colours selected
Clients moodboard
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